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September 2021

September Post: The Vikings and Bjarke Strongarm


A small vignette:  Bjarke Strongarm, a character from Twilight Sojourn. “Bjarke Strongarm was a seafaring trader, it was a steady, reliable occupation, but when trade was slow and the lure of adventure beckoned, Bjarke hired himself as a mercenary. He remembered as a boy before the family hearth, listening to

September Post: The Vikings and Bjarke Strongarm2022-09-22T14:33:49-07:00

August 2021

August Monthly Post: Fare in a medieval manor


Imagination and historical facts is the recipe for a Time travel novel. I normally do extensive research on both the relevant historical period and site locations before I start writing a storyline, but for book two in the series, “The Shadow of Black Mountain,” I have done spot research to

August Monthly Post: Fare in a medieval manor2021-08-07T16:09:23-07:00

June 2021

June Blog: A Welsh journey


I have had lots of questions about why I chose Wales as the setting for my novel, instead of the Scottish Highlands, which feature in many time travel novels. So here is the answer. I knew I wanted to write, time-slip historical romances. Twilight Sojourn started life as a short

June Blog: A Welsh journey2021-06-29T01:05:45-07:00

May 2021

An Author’s journey, Singapore 1965


We had only been in Singapore for three weeks, the England we had left on a snowy December day seemed a world away, as we tried to acclimate to the tropical heat. It was almost Christmas, but all our belongings were on a ship somewhere enroute to Singapore, which was

An Author’s journey, Singapore 19652021-05-31T13:01:40-07:00