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March 2024

Simple tricks for self-editing


An editor's services are really worth it, but every writer can get more out of the editing process if they can bring their work to the best state of finish possible before editing. New writers might feel both triumphant and exhausted upon completion of their first draft and it can

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February 2023

January 2023

New Cover


      Two Pieces of Writing Advice I found myself in a lull in my own writing. I wasn't really working on it. I'd open it once in a while. I took several writing courses. I would pay for a class and participate in the seminars, hoping for guidance

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  • Big Bob panning for gold in 1851 from Amy Gorder's new novel, Ghosts of Autumn

Ghosts of Autumn


We're really proud of Amy Gorder's new book, Ghosts of Autumn. It's a thrilling mystery for young adult readers. Ghosts of Autumn is deeply rooted in the author's life and experiences. It's partly historical fiction that tells the story of the gold rush in Elk Grove, California, the author's home. The

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A Great Review for The Hummingbird Wars in Kirkus Books


Check out the Kirkus Books review of the Hummingbird Wars by Ron Paschall https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/ron-paschall/the-hummingbird-wars/

A Great Review for The Hummingbird Wars in Kirkus Books2023-01-10T16:15:53-08:00

November 2022

October 2022

Roadkill on the Telecommunications Highway


New Book by William W. King This book is a retrospective of my career in the telecommunications industry. It is not a novel. Though it does include some biographical information, it is not an autobiography. Rather it is a series of vignettes and anecdotes. Some are humorous, some are tragic,

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Preorder The Hummingbird Wars!


https://www.amazon.com/Hummingbird-Wars-Ron-Paschall-ebook/dp/B0BG3J2ZXV   Use the link above to preorder The Hummingbird Wars, a new book by Ron Paschall. The avian kingdom comes alive in this suspenseful and beautifully illustrated story of family, vengeance, and redemption in the animal world. The descendants of the Hubert Hummingbird family have lived with a secret

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Free Sample Chapter of Project Inferno


Looking for your next political thriller? Look no further! Read the first chapter of William W. King's Project Inferno for free:   https://emerald-books.com/king  

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The Gunslinger’s Grammar Guide


The Quickdraw If you are a fan of Westerns, you might notice that the gunslinger who draws first almost always gets shot. For Western movies, this is a moral position. The hero doesn't want anyone to die, but will defend himself if necessary. The villain is a reckless murderer who

The Gunslinger’s Grammar Guide2023-03-02T14:46:55-08:00