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September 2022

Our Handy Reference for Creating Children’s Books


Children's books are special. They have to be designed from the beginning. Just like a movie, every children's book needs a director. Here is our simple guide to art direction elements you need to know before you start your project. You can review the presentation full screen or download this

Our Handy Reference for Creating Children’s Books2022-09-12T16:48:40-07:00

July 2022

Adverbs in dialogue? “Please God, no…” The editor whispered fearfully.


You can instantly improve your writing by deleting adverbs from your dialogue. Here at Emerald Books, some editing processes are so necessary and done so frequently that they are pretty much automated. One of these is removing adverbs (any modifiers or commentary, really) from dialogue. We're not talking about the

Adverbs in dialogue? “Please God, no…” The editor whispered fearfully.2022-07-22T15:21:49-07:00

The Quest: In Search of Me


We're proud to announce our new book: The Quest: In Search of Me by Tricia Gardella This moving memoir is a personal journey about finding yourself and re-discovering lost love. We experience a philosophical awakening through one side of a conversation in letters. It's a meandering journey that connects literature,

The Quest: In Search of Me2022-07-20T13:31:09-07:00
  • A new suspense thriller: The Arms Dealer by Howard Mulkey

Video Review: The Arms Dealer by Howard Mulkey


Our review of The Arms Dealer by Howard Mulkey https://youtu.be/Bafdve9S_ZE Purchase the book here: https://kdp.amazon.com/amazon-dp-action/us/dualbookshelf.marketplacelink/1954779577  

Video Review: The Arms Dealer by Howard Mulkey2022-07-09T20:50:52-07:00

June 2022

  • Runaway Dad by Janet M. Steele — A new book by first time author Janet M. Steele. Emerald Books creates beautiful books for authors.

Book Preview: Runaway Dad


Runaway Dad, a new book by first-time author Janet M. Steele Runaway Dad is a family adventure story. Find out what happens when a boy has to do anything to rescue his dad. We'll share the purchase link tomorrow! Thirteen-year-old Fletcher Gillis didn’t want to think he was a thief. That

Book Preview: Runaway Dad2022-06-20T14:57:27-07:00
  • Rabbi Barry dov Schwartz

A new review of A Man of Spirit


A Man of Spirit: a Rabbi Navigates a Half-Generation of Sweeping Change. Emerald Books. Softcover. 174 Pages. $18. ISBN: 978-1-954779-22-8. Former Rockville Centre Rabbi Dr. Barry Dov Schwartz worked alongside a Nazi hunter. He marched for Civil Rights in Washington, D.C. He served as a chaplain during the Vietnam War.

A new review of A Man of Spirit2022-06-20T14:50:19-07:00
  • A new suspense thriller: The Arms Dealer by Howard Mulkey

New book by first time author Howard Mulkey


We are about to release a new book by author Howard Mulkey: The Arms Dealer. Here's the summary: Dmitri operates outside the law, controlling an international network of smugglers. An arms dealer can't trust anyone but his crew.   We created photo illustrations for two scenes from the book for

New book by first time author Howard Mulkey2022-06-13T15:59:07-07:00

May 2022

What’s wrong with repetition?


Fear of Repetition There is a moment in every writer's life when they become aware of repetition. Scanning through a single paragraph, the same word appears four times. It seems a logical editing process as well as an important responsibility as a writer to add variation so the reader doesn't

What’s wrong with repetition?2022-05-05T11:30:19-07:00

April 2022

  • A black witch hat and some dried leaves

Whichcraft: That vs. Which


Which one is appropriate? Have you ever had trouble deciding between that and which? They can feel interchangeable, and it isn't easy to know how to use them. Every writer has habits, things they tend to repeat. These habits can form a cohesive style, but habits can also weigh down

Whichcraft: That vs. Which2022-04-25T17:47:17-07:00