Runaway Dad, a new book by first-time author Janet M. Steele

Runaway Dad is a family adventure story. Find out what happens when a boy has to do anything to rescue his dad. We’ll share the purchase link tomorrow!

Thirteen-year-old Fletcher Gillis didn’t want to think he was a thief. That wasn’t who he really was, right? A loving son, a great brother, and an excellent student, but how else could he raise $500 to get his father out of jail?
Desperate, young Fletcher concocts a way to swindle his middle school and the local food bank out of some money to help his dad, almost like a modern-day Robin Hood—or so he believed. His scheme was going along brilliantly, until the lies all came crashing down on him.
Now, Fletcher faces being expelled and having to pay a heavy fine. But his worst fear of all is being adopted by his grandparents who will pay the fine and sue for custody of Fletcher and his sister, Jill, claiming Fletcher’s mother and father are unfit parents. Against all odds, Fletcher must find a way to bring back his Dad and complete his family again.