A Journey from Writing to Publishing to Marketing

The beginning

Amy Gorder, author of the Gold Rush Ghosts series

If you are just getting started writing your first book, it might seem impossible to see yourself featured in a literary festival’s podcast or getting written up by Kirkus reviews.

But this is the kind of coverage that your book can get post-publication when you work with our marketing team. Meet Amy Gorder, author of the Gold Rush Ghosts series.

Writing and Editing

As a middle school English teacher, Amy was inspired to create intriguing historical fiction books for middle schoolers and beyond. With the help of the Emerald Books editing team, she honed her vision and created a book that was at once scary, educational, and somehow also encompassed the friendships and relationships that tend to be the center of a middle schooler’s life.


Amy’s first book, the Ghosts of Autumn is a thrilling read for teens

The Ghosts of Autumn takes place in and around The Elk Grove Hotel, a once-thriving hub for 49ers during the California Gold Rush that now is abandoned and decaying. But when Amelia and her friends stumble upon an old poetry book brimming with cryptic clues, they embark on a thrilling adventure to solve the mystery it holds.

Cover Design

Amy had an idea of what her cover would look like. She wanted a haunted house that could be the Elk Grove Hotel. And then, with digital painting and collage, Isaac brought it to life!



With guidance from Emerald’s marketing team, Amy developed a marketing plan that included some highly ambitious exposure. Upon launch, Amy was featured in the TRIBE family channel literary festival podcast discussing her book and her process. She also was reviewed by¬†Kirkus and has done some bookstore events.


Amy’s book was reviewed in the Jan 2023 edition of Kirkus.

Production begins soon on the Ghosts of Winter, the next in the series.

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