Nicholas Woode-Smith is an up and coming sci fi author you should check out!

Every new author needs readers! We’re thrilled to support Nicholas Woode-Smith in the release of his new novel, Soul Bound.


If there’s one thing I hate more than anything, it’s the undead. So, just my luck that I’ve got a ghost living rent-free inside my head… When I was just a kid, my parents were sacrificed by a necromancer. I survived. Barely. But, the ordeal left me hating two things – necromancers and the undead they bring into the world. Fast forward years later and I’ve been possessed by a ghost! But, Treth of Concord isn’t just any ordinary ghost. He’s proud, chivalrous and a knight from another world. Now, with his counsel and some cheap swords I bought on the internet, I hunt the undead of Hope City. For honour, for vengeance, and maybe just a hefty bounty. Soul Bound is a short story prequel to the Kat Drummond Series. Sign up to receive the short story and Katverse themed newsletters to immerse you into the world of Post-Cataclysm Earth.