January 2021

new autobiographies for the new year


For some reason, our new years are always filled with autobiographies. I think we've done four of them in December and January alone! We love making these family volumes to bring people closer and help them share the stories of their lives. These books become family treasures, and it is

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Writing mantra: Focus


Focus is my January word. My daughter taught me about the "flow state." When I think about the work of writing and editing, I think about two kinds of focus: There is the necessity to just focus on one thing, the task at hand. For that, I use one of

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Today’s events


I keep saying I'm shocked but not surprised about today's attempted coup d'état. What a time to be a historian. I see resonances of this event in the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923 and the attempted fascist coup in France on February 6, 1936. I know that democracy will prevail.

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December 2020

The Demon’s Gift


The Demon's Gift is a free novella set in the Willow Locke world. It's been really cool to expand the world of the novel and write in a different style. It's a gritty, noir story featuring a hard-boiled cop struggling to hold onto his sense of morality. I like writing

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February 2020

The simplest way to finish your novel


This boils down to one all-important idea. Just write every day. Don't set a time or a goal for number of pages. Just commit to opening that file and not multitasking. Some days you might write for an hour, somedays you might write for just a few minutes, but writing

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January 2020

Get rid of “began to” for more active writing.


Editor Jessica Hammerman gives you really simple tricks to improve your writing. Using the phrase "Began to" undermines the action of your verb! Remove this crutch from your writing for more active sentences and livelier prose. Many authors hesitate to make their characters really act, and so "began to" seems

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2 January, 2020 07:37


Take a look at our new website! Happy new year, readers! Don't forget you can get Melissa Seal's book Unbreakable for free for the next few days.

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September 2019

The First Chapter of Bird


Looking for a great read? Here's the first chapter of Bird, by Kim E. Wilson   One   By the time I reached my destination, I was stiff and exhausted. Having spent the last ten hours on the road with my traveling companion Lilly, a lovable three-year-old retriever, I was

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