Author Nirmani Walpola talks about the inspiration for her book

Nirmani here! You might know me from my very first book, The Midnight Warriors, but do you really know me?

The Midnight Warriors went through A LOT of work before it finally got here.

How much work?

Well, settle in, you’re in for a ride.

My parents always tell me I have a super overactive imagination since the day I started to read books.

I was exposed to many great authors, actors, and singers at a very young age, and The Midnight Warriors is like a love letter to all those great people who inspired me.
My dad is a big Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry Potter fan, and since he had three girls, we also inherited his love for all TV shows, old, and new.

But, out of all of those shows I had ever watched, superhero shows stuck with me. They were all I ever wanted to watch, but I realized there are so many books people could still write that are about superheroes.

In November 2019, I wrote this book as a dare from my friends after falling asleep in yoga class. Clarissa…I mean Clara Lemondola, Damien Richards, and The Midnight Warriors was born.

I kept this a secret from my family until March 2020, when I finished the book. I sent the book out to 185 agents with a lot of sweat and eventually, tears. All of them came back rejected.

After in December 2020, I crowdfunded my book on Inkshares, and entered it in a contest where the top three would get published. I was 4th.

In March 2021, I met Dr. Linda Tucker and Mr. Isaac Peterson. I was finally on the path of publication. After two months of editing, cover designing, and many revisions, I was finally done.

So that’s my story. The reason I wrote this book?
Good question.

For fun, mostly. I also realized that most people don’t read books, much less write them. The ones who do write books end up deserting them because they don’t know where to go after that. That’s what saddens me. I may not be the the first Sri Lankan kid author, but I promise you, I won’t be the last. There are so many kids out there who need that push, and I’m happy to give that push.

Open up your computer, your journal, take out a piece of paper. Start jotting down whatever that comes into your mind. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be writing your own stories one day. Just remember, anything you want, put your mind to it, and it will happen.

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