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William J. Lawrence

Author Profile

William J. Lawrence

Dr. Lawrence was a professor of economics and business ethics whose research and professional interests were mainly focused on the economics of the City of New York. He enjoyed a productive and rewarding career as a professor, advisor to city government, consultant, and an entrepreneur. He retired early from Pace University, after which he taught at several universities in the states and abroad. He has published several papers and books on regional economics, art fraud and theft, entrepreneurship and cloud computing and has sat on several academic and not for profit boards. He currently resides in Brooklyn. He holds a masters and PhD degrees from NYU and a bachelors from LIU.

New Books

2020: America On The Brink

The work of democracy is hard; but with a pandemic and a tyrant in the presidency it was nearly impossible.

But retired economics professor Benson Pryce has a plan. Using top-secret espionage techniques, Professor Pryce and his team aim to save our democracy by restoring trust. To achieve his mission, he must dodge corrupt federal agents and a deadly virus. Desperate to save the country he loves, Pryce will risk it all.

A passionate American, Benson wants nothing more than to repair the world for the youngest generation.

Relive the year 2020 with Benson as your guide.

ISBN-10: 1954779003
ISBN-13: 978-1954779006

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