June 2022

  • Rabbi Barry dov Schwartz

A new review of A Man of Spirit


A Man of Spirit: a Rabbi Navigates a Half-Generation of Sweeping Change. Emerald Books. Softcover. 174 Pages. $18. ISBN: 978-1-954779-22-8. Former Rockville Centre Rabbi Dr. Barry Dov Schwartz worked alongside a Nazi hunter. He marched for Civil Rights in Washington, D.C. He served as a chaplain during the Vietnam War.

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  • A new suspense thriller: The Arms Dealer by Howard Mulkey

New book by first time author Howard Mulkey


We are about to release a new book by author Howard Mulkey: The Arms Dealer. Here's the summary: Dmitri operates outside the law, controlling an international network of smugglers. An arms dealer can't trust anyone but his crew.   We created photo illustrations for two scenes from the book for

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March 2022

  • A Man of Spirit

Longtime Rockville Centre rabbi authors book on adventurous experiences


Barry Dov Schwartz's memoir is an exciting chronicle of a fascinating career. A Man of Spirit chronicles Rabbi Schwartz's career from Vietnam to Nazi Hunting. From the Long Island Herald, read the following review of this exciting book. (For the full experience, we recommend the full-color

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Attention, editors!


Attention, editors! Now through 4/30/22, we are offering $250 to  editors who present us with accepted book proposals. Dropped today on Insta! We love working with trusted editors who can really make writing into the best possible book! Get in touch to take advantage of this deal. Your authors will

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February 2020

A new review of “Lost Christmas”


The Every Christmas series by Mary Machlan is a world of sweet holiday romance. Check out the latest review here: https://cherylsbooknook.blogspot.com/2020/02/lost-christmas.html

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