A book is an asset for any professional. A book is simply the best way to represent who you are and communicate your skills and abilities.

Have you ever heard that the best resumé tells a story? Storytelling has an incredible impact, and a book provides the best form to do that.

If you publish a black and white book, the author’s cost can be fairly inexpensive, even as low as three or four dollars. This means it’s the perfect thing to add to your suitcase on the way to a conference.

You will probably pass out a bazillion business cards at any professional conference but so does everyone else. If you are getting to know another professional in your field and only have a few moments to talk, a book is the perfect way for them to learn more about your practice and outlook when time is short.

How did it come to pass that social media gets all of your writing, photos and attention without giving you anything in return? Chances are some of the writing you’ve already worked on can become the basis of a book. Do you have a standard book handouts you give to clients to describe your process? Why not collect them, edit and publish them as a book so you can extend your reach when you can’t be there one on one? A therapist might create a meditation journal to help her patients combat anxiety, or a teacher might just collect all their lessons so their course reaches a new level of organization and simplicity.

Here are a few of the books we’ve published that serve this purpose. If you have a drawer full of essays and ideas and one-pagers you give your clients, get in touch! Organizing your writing into a book might be a lot easier than you think.