9 07, 2021

Nirmani Walpola on how her book came to be.


Author Nirmani Walpola talks about the inspiration for her book Nirmani here! You might know me from my very first book, The Midnight Warriors, but do you really know me? The Midnight Warriors went through A LOT of work before it finally got here. How much work? Well, settle in,

Nirmani Walpola on how her book came to be.2021-07-09T12:56:54-07:00
6 07, 2021

A new book by teen author Nirmani Walpola


  Teen author Nirmani Walpola got serious about writing when she was only 11!  As she was working on the Midnight Warriors, she sent query letters to nearly 200 agents to pitch her book. Her ambition and professionalism as an author never fails to impress. During our rounds of editing,

A new book by teen author Nirmani Walpola2021-07-06T20:14:31-07:00
1 07, 2021

Free book today and tomorrow!


The Brass Starling is free on kindle today and tomorrow! stop by and pick up your copy! We're thrilled with the reviews we're getting on the book and amazed to be in the top ten in three categories today: #1 in Jewish American Fiction #8 in Alternative History #9 in

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28 06, 2021

June Blog: A Welsh journey


I have had lots of questions about why I chose Wales as the setting for my novel, instead of the Scottish Highlands, which feature in many time travel novels. So here is the answer. I knew I wanted to write, time-slip historical romances. Twilight Sojourn started life as a short

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15 06, 2021

Our Ad on Grammar Girl!


We have an ad on Grammar Girl! The Grammar Girl podcast is a goldmine for anyone interested in writing or language in general. Every fiction writer should review this episode on writing dialogue: https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/7-secrets-of-writing-effective-dialogue It teaches the author to get out of the way and let the dialogue flow naturally.

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5 06, 2021

Out of This World — Free Science Fiction and Fantasy ebooks for June


This month we're joining an excellent group promotion of free science fiction ebooks! Looking for some new summer reading? Our promotion features dozens of free ebooks just for you! Check it out: https://storyoriginapp.com/to/zZHKDlL  

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26 05, 2021

Tom Swift


Around a century ago there was a series of adventure novels starring a hero named Tom Swift. These books were known for using adverbs with conversation tags in order to add extra emphasis: "The airplane is taking off!" Tom said quickly. "We've got to follow it!" Jane agreed enthusiastically. Adding

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25 05, 2021

What are the clichés?


Avoid clichés in writing. Rewrite them assiduously. But some might be wondering--- what are the clichés? As a history professor, I see things like "the winds of change" or "the sands of time" or the "March of history" all the time in student papers. What would be fun would be

What are the clichés?2021-05-25T22:22:52-07:00
25 05, 2021

An Author’s journey, Singapore 1965


We had only been in Singapore for three weeks, the England we had left on a snowy December day seemed a world away, as we tried to acclimate to the tropical heat. It was almost Christmas, but all our belongings were on a ship somewhere enroute to Singapore, which was

An Author’s journey, Singapore 19652021-05-31T13:01:40-07:00
24 05, 2021

A Simple Soul Blanket


We're really proud of our latest book. It's called "A Simple Soul: Moving from Fear to Love" Author Kim Cowherd shares her hard won inspiration and gives practical advice for pursuing your dreams and living a more fulfilling life. It will leave you feeling motivated and supported like a warm

A Simple Soul Blanket2021-05-24T23:25:48-07:00